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Snacks: The children and I make many of the snacks together, such as baking bread or muffins or preparing fruit. I strive to use natural and organic foods whenever this is possible. I also provide chamomile tea with snack.

Toys from Home: With the exception of a ‘sleeping friend’ I would encourage you to leave toys, jewelry, and other small items at home. An exception would be the jewelry we make at school.

Bad Weather Days: When the Marble Falls Schools are closed due to bad weather, so will Apple Blossom.

Phone and visits: Feel free to call at any time to see how your child is doing. An answering machine may be used to avoid interruptions, yet I will return your call as soon as possible. Also, I have an open door policy. You may visit unannounced at anytime (preferably not nap time since this would only bring excitement to your child instead of rest).

Illness and Medicine: If your child is running a fever, vomiting, or has a contagious disease (pink eye, strep throat, chicken pox, etc.) please do not bring her/him. Should s/he get ill while in my care, I will notify you immediately to pick up your child. I will administer medication if needed. Bring all medicines in a zip lock bag with a dispenser, clearly written instructions, and label the items with your child’s name.

Supplements, Ointments, and Medicines that I provide: Everything that I give your child is all-natural. I have ointments for ant bites, chiggers, bee stings, etc. If they get hurt I sometimes give children Arnica or Rescue Remedy. These are both homeopathic medicines that are completely natural. Arnica helps with bruising and pain while Rescue Remedy helps with emotional stress (such as shock or upset due to a fall or some other hurt). After lunch I give the children acidophilus. These are ‘good’ bacteria that help digest food (it is in yogurt). The children LOVE it because it is a sweet treat. If you have any questions about any of these items or would prefer that I do not use them with your child please tell me.

Questions: Should you have any questions regarding these policies, please discuss them with me immediately. I appreciate the opportunity to provide care for your child and sincerely hope that my service will be rewarding for all involved. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me for anything that affects the well being of your child or our relationship.

Kids are happier and better adjusted when following a standard daily schedule.


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Painting black cats and pumpkins
for Halloween.

We love to bake rolls and muffins
for snack time.

Weather permitting, we play outside every day!

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