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Welcome to Apple Blossom. This program offers your child part-time care in a warm, nurturing home environment. I strive to make each child’s experience beautiful, respectful, safe, and joyful. Please feel free to ask questions or discuss something. I am always open to dialogue that will improve everyone’s experience. Listed below are the rhythm of the day and my policies.

Hours: I am open Mon. through Fri. from 8:45 to 2:45. I will provide the snack and your child will bring lunch from home. This is a six-hour program. If you want to pick up your child early the best time to do this is at 12 or 12:30 (immediately before or after lunch). You will be responsible for paying the full-day price.

Registration Fee: A one-time fee of $35 for each child is due at the beginning of care.

Fees and Payment: The tuition is $33 per day. Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Refunds are not given for absences, illnesses, bad weather, or family vacations. If one of my children are ill to the point that I have to close the school that day you will receive a refund, a make-up day, or a credit toward the following month (your choice).

I apologize in advance if this occurs.

Parent Will Provide:

    Lunch: Please include two cloth napkins (one napkin for their place mat and one napkin for their “lapkin”), nutritious meals (no refined sugar or dessert, please), and a drink (water is great).

    Small pillow and two large, solid color towels for nap.

    Complete change of clothes (may need to change items during the year to be appropriate for the weather and as your child grows).

    Diapers and wipes or naptime pull-ups if applicable.

    A hat for outside play.

If it's a nice day, we'll take our snacks outside.


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Cooling off with a smoothie during
snack time.

Swinging with friends is a favorite

We color with paints and crayons.

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