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My child has been attending Mrs. Nicole's Apple Blossom Preschool for almost one year now. The small school atmosphere means that my daughter gets a lot of individual attention. Her imagination, socia, and verbal skills have really blossomed! She looks forward to every school day and says that crafts are her favorite activity.

The home-like atmosphere at the Apple Blossom Preschool is a very caring, relaxing and learning environment. Ms. Nicole is a wonderful caregiver and teacher for the children. Our 2-1/2 year old has blossomed and learned a tremendous amount since starting preschool.

I have total and complete peace of mind when my son is at Ms. Nicole's because she clearly demonstrates love, compassion, wisdom and warmth. Her Waldorf training provides unparalleled excellence.

The atmosphere at Apple Blossom is so loving and warm. Careful thought is given to every aspect of the environment, the "rhythm" and the activities. It's obvious that Mrs. Nicole plans each aspect of the children's experience to pe a part of their development. Her studies and experience in this particular educational model clearly shine through in the work she does and the play that the children enjoy. I am fully confident that my child is being well prepared to move into the larger world beyond the home and kindergartgen. I also know that as this sort of educational model progresses, it provides children with all the necessary tools to be confident, well-rounded people in their world.

I am so pleased that my daughter attends Apple Blossom. I know that she and the other children are well taken care of and are genuinely loved. I greatly appreciate the high quality of art materials (not your typical finger painting) and the majority of toys are made from natural products such as wood or silk. The small group of children insures that my child receives the attention she needs. Apple Blossom beautifully complements how my husband and I raise our child. What a blessing!

I can't say enough wonderful stuff about Apple Blossom School! It's just such a great, happy, comfy-feeling place for the kids. I especially love the birthday celebrations. It's great that we parents are invited to be there and that we get to see the school in action. It's the kind of school that I wish I went to. I just love it!




 Childcare Located in Spicewood, TX

Baking is fun and delicious.

The kids love circle time.

Magnets make magical art.

For more information contact: nicole@appleblossomschool.net

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